Express Review: Love, Lies (2016)


I’ve watched a sh*t-ton of movies over the past few weeks (ok, months, years, decades) thought I’d review a few, one at a time. One particular one I wanted to promptly write about was Love, Lies.

I watched this because I adore, adore, adore Cheon Woo-hee and was so proud of her seeing her at Cannes film festival last summer. She’s brilliant. I’m sure if you haven’t seen her in last year’s critically acclaimed The Wailing you’d atleast remember having had seen her in the 2011 hit Sunny (hint: glue-sniffer).

I actually had to quit watching The Wailing around its halfway mark due to some really gross scenes (I’m a complete wimp — legit). I’ll come back to it sometime because I’m still very curious. I just need to toughen up. The next choice for that night was Love, Lies. Now I was really hesitant about this one mainly because of its other castmembers; Han Hyo-joo (major intolerance!) and Yoo Yoon-seok (whose character and performance in Reply 1994 grated on me).

But it was either this or The Wailing for me, the ultimate Cheon Woo-hee stan. Alas, wimpy me trumped snobby me and Love, Lies it was.

This is a love triangle but not the typical, predictable kind I had previously imagined. (Because Miss Cheon is in it and she never lets me down.)

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