Thoughts on Eternal Love aka. Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms


What a ride, truly. This drama had it all. Epic sweep, a heart ‘n’ soul-rendering romance, gorgeous places and gorgeous faces, ancient mythology wrought with suspense and high-stakes and some more.

It started off slowly for me, I’ll be honest. I couldn’t see its charm initially (thanks to mookie’s recommendation I persevered) but then, it happened. Somewhere around the mid-teen or so episodes it became such an addictive, heart-thumping, delicious rush and I couldn’t stop myself from binge-watching.

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Hey peeps


I’m back and practically dying to continue writing. I’m saying this with barely a clue as to the current drama blogging landscape and whether or not old good buddies are still around and willing to engage again (sob!).

I’m honestly happy to have taken this step and to be back to a little hobby I always felt was extremely gratifying; just watching something and then spazzing about it.

Oh, I’ve been watching alright! Watching but then wasn’t able to articulate how and what I felt towards what I’d just watched — like, what was the point of that, right?

Funnily enough, what spurred me to re-ignite the blog wasn’t anything from the recent roster of dramas (seriously, I watched ALL of Legend of the Blue Sea LOL — no comment) but Heartless City from back in good ole’ 2013!

Ah! The good old days. Remember them? Torrents and SRTs and things the youngsters today wouldn’t get.

Heartless City. Hmm… It happened after my umpteenth marathon of Infernal Affairs and its Japanese remake Double Face. I suddenly had this raging appetite for a rewatch and  I felt back in 2013 I had done this drama a great, great disservice. I had (gasp!) fastforward and skimmed through it and then wondered why nothing was making sense. After completing the show I owed this delicious thing a review — a better one. Hence, here I am. Stay tuned.