First Impressions on Quartet (2017)


Verdict: 00:12 seconds into the pilot and BAM! I’m in love. It just took that sight above, literally that’s it. Mitsushima Hikari stood out on a crowded city street casually sipping on a juice carton. I’m easy like that.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get hold of any english sub files yet, so had to give in to desperation and watch it raw hence I’ll be short and sweet with this first impression.

Yes, it doesn’t seem as great as screenwriter Sakamoto Yuji-san’s other works (i.e. Mother, Soredemo Ikite Yuku) but it’s an absolute treat nonetheless. I’m actually feeling I’ll enjoy it a whole lot more than Saikou no Rikon — the writer’s previous attempt at a contemporary love square. Saying that I haven’t the foggiest idea about music, especially not classical music which happens the main feature of this drama where our four main characters form a band of talented string instrument players; three violinists and a cellist to be exact.

Here Hikari-chan plays our sole cellist Suzame and dammit she is ADORABLE.

I think a lot of Japanese instagrammers agree. I’ve seen the #カルテットtag go mad for her hairstyle and juice carton lately.


Among our three violinists we have Tsukasa played by Matsuda Ryuhei (HOMG SEXY!) playing a nerd I would say similar to Eita’s role in Saikou no Rikon, except Eita played his spec-wearing nerd like he had a rod up his backside — he was a pretty difficult character let’s be honest. Tsukasa OTOH is a babe! A snuggly, squishy, lovable BABY! I’m dying!

But then disclaimer: who knows when the subs release I realise his words contradict his cute face? Hahaha!


Takahashi Issei plays our second violinist; Yutaka. I’m not too familiar with this actor even though I’ve seen him play supporting roles in a couple of dramas I’ve watched and he seems to have starred in the last few Sakamoto Yuji projects. I like his Yutaka so far, he’s as quirky and likeable as the rest with a lovely, natural chemistry.

And look who’s playing our third violinist, Maki Maki and the fourth piece to finish up our quartet? I thought I’d just gotten rid of Takako-san in my last Love Generation rewatch but obviously not! I had no idea she was in this. And lawd almighty, what youth elixir is she drinking?


The four seem to have taken up residence together and we’re seeing sparks fly and the development of romantic interest between the four as they share mealtimes (and sometimes bedspace — rawrr!) together.

Waiting for those subs, or I’ll end up watching this entire thing raw. Trust. Aint even lyin’.



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